The Hobo Bag is a shoulder bag or handbag styles in a crescent shape, forms a characteristic curve between the two ends of the strap, slouchy posture and comes with a long strap to wear over shoulder. The style of bag is called hobo bag because it resembles shape of bag that hobos carry over their shoulder with stick. Hobo bags are made with flexible and soft leather or canvas and tend to slump or slouch when set down. Many hobo bag also comes with a tassel decoration. Perfect casual bag that is

Women uses different types of bags but most often they don’t know the specific names of bags. Following a list popular handbags of women. 1 – Backpack A backpack is secured with 2 straps and carried over shoulder. Backpack is also called book bag, kit bag, knapsack, rucksack, pack or sackpack backsack. Backpacks are commonly used by students or hikers. It’s ideal bag for sportswear or school. 2 – Baguette A baguette bag is designed small in top to bottom while long from side looks. It